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If you are not eligible to practice those in your current country, I (as an employer) might think you are misleading me with those credentials. Please reply. Your insight is much appreciated! As I’ve said before, it is not usual to put a BA after one’s name. That’s what makes the world so fun – lots to learn! I am currently working towards an Ed.S. Is it acceptable for someone who has an “honorary MD” to put “MD” after his name? That’s my opinion, too. great question! Usually the earliest degree is listed first with the newest listed last. Who made you the credential police? Hi Jay, I think I would write “BA Kins” next to your name on top of your resume. Or LPC (Eligible Post-Grad)? NAME, MPharm (or DPharm), PgDip-HS. Some told me that I should put a period after each initial and others said, “Don’t do anything! in Poly Sci! I think the main point has been missed entirely (by many who feel the need to write on it). I would think your job application would provide context – you would be applying for jobs that require or desire Software Engineering degrees – and you will definitely provide the context in your cover letter. Thank you. People in that field WILL know what the credential means, as you say. Best, Julie. Re your email signature, I would say, Christopher D. Rindsig and an RN, I have a MA.Ed, and a MHSA along with a CFNP and I am CCHP and CHES In my field a MSW is not required, but highly respected and preferred. Best, Julie, Your email address will not be published. Remember degrees convey credibility. I’ve seen L6S for Lean Six Sigma, CSSBB for Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, and LSSBB for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, as well as L6SBB. The CRC is a little different – am I right in thinking that you are a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor? There are several ways to list your specialist diploma: PgDEdL, PGDEdL, PgDipEdL, PGDipEdL, and PG Dip EdL. A common question:  Should you add degrees or credentials after your name on your resume and LinkedIn profile? It’s a great one. Gabe, thanks for this question. If you have a special license, you can put that after your name – if you are looking for work in that field. The reason I did not end up “specializing” my degree is because I chose to drop psychology in my third year as my University only allowed people in Psychology to graduate with an Honors degree and I had chosen to go do a Post-Graduate Public Relations Certificate instead. Thanks for your question. Good luck and early congrats on earning the LMSW! Thanks for reading and liking my post! Best, Julie. Sometimes I make the credential initials a little smaller font size than the name. Julie Erickson is a career and executive coach who helps people and organizations find and do their "right fit" work. Most people do not know what an RD is. I worked EXTREMELY hard for my batchelors and subsequent PhD and I’ll be damned if I’ll hide them away! ), his displayed name would be: John Smith, M.S.N., R.N. LinkedIn now has a “Certifications” section for your profile. Hi Anwar, great question! Personally I didn’t know about a good half of the credentials that were mentioned in the article. then they too have deserved such a thing due to their committment to that field! For instance, a BOC Certified Athletic Trainer holding a master’s degree and working in a state where licensure is not required should write, “Sally Snow, MS, ATC” – … It would look like this: XYZ University, town, STate. Best, Julie, I am trying to find good data on which order to place two pertinent designations. You can do so, of course, and you’ll be educating folks here. I have been told by some to drop the MA. Loved this article. I agree with you, Martin, that people who get a Bachelor, PhD or other degree definitely deserve to be proud of their efforts. Hi Annon, This is an interesting question. Also, the tips are still relevant in 2015. Kyra. I am! Good luck! They worked damned hard and IT is why the LETTERS were created…to put behind ones name. It certainly makes sense, and by all means people should follow what their profession’s main association says to do. Place the title of “Dr.” before the name of a person who is a doctor of medicine or psychology, doctor of dentistry, or doctor of veterinary medicine. Would it be acceptable for my resume to list my name as. lol the thought just came to my head. It is up to the person with the credential to use it or not. Lori A. Nikolic, PA-C, PhD People might ask what is was for, but I think using MCS would generate more inquiry and strike people as a little less pompous than “MA” might. I def want to use this for my linkedin profile and signature at work. Common initials used may include B.A. Your thoughts? Listing them in order of when earned, I’d say JD, LCSW, APM. I’d list it under “Skills” as Facilities Management Professional (FMP), and do a new section on your resume that says “Certifications” and put down that you have FMP Certification and where you studied it. I work in Engineering, I have bs in mechanical engineering aquired in 1999, a professional engineering license in 2009, and a recently aquired ms in management of techology. In fact, when you put too much information in a signature, it can get confusing for the recipient and could even make you look desperate. Hi Stephanie, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having a difficult time finding work in the dietitian field. Meaning, it’s a ‘newer’ discipline and finally has achieved a recognizable spot in Healthcare. But this doesn’t mean you should omit professional credentials. I apologize for the late reply to this question. And I also believe that people get mastery through experience, apprenticeship, volunteer work, training programs, trial-and-error, etc. I’m not quite sure why, except to say that the training for MBAs is far more diverse and far-ranging than any other professional training. Whether people will recognize those acronyms depends on whether they are in the industry. I’m asking because I’m still new at this whole initial thing. Good luck to you! Please just keep in mind that if we react back with harsh accusations we’re doing the same exact thing we were initially offended by. Just an idea, maybe ask someone before we assume their ignorance, exactly what they were trying to say. PA can mean Physician Assistant or Production Assistant or Personal Assistant. I believe a BA is quite important! Good luck! "MD") Highest licensure or certification (e.g. Both are sought-after credentials. To hear some of you get so disgruntled and offended over something you felt was misrepresented, oh boy. I am not sure the certification is national or even regional but it is helpful when I am working with nonprofit organizations. How do you list your credentials? Hopefully, people will read your comment for what it’s worth – as a piece of education about what the RD means – and ignore your upset. Example: TSAC-F® When the TSAC-F® credential is used in a sentence after a certificate holder's name, a comma should follow the credential mentioned. do I list myself as JD, MSW, LCSW, APM or possibly MSW, LCSW, APM or possibly MSW, LCSW, JD or finally MSW, LCSW, JD, APM. And it separates the professional/take serious document from a casual write up of oneself. The ANCC’s preferred order for nursing credentials is: 1. If you focus on residential, I would think the CPA would be very valuable for it shows you understand the numbers involved in a real estate deal. What’s your thoughts? If I don’t get a job because of my PhD then that speaks ill of the recruiters, not me. Am I still allowed to use or should I still list my MD and RPh? In the world of academia, the college degree is used first and then licensure and other credentials. Best, Julie, Kara, I have my Masters in Organizational Change and Leadership (MSL) and just completed my PHR certification. People don’t usually list Bachelors degrees after their names in the US. D.Mgt. Healthcare is a highly regulated industry and we comply with laws that’s maybe stricter than most jobs out there. It will say that you did what was required to become even more of an expert and that you are committed to this career. My guess is that wherever you apply, someone will know what FDC means, yet if they don’t, you’ll be able to explain. However, a few exceptions do exist, and it’s up to the individual whether or not to include it after his name. I do think there are times it’s appropriate to say you have an MBA or a BFA – when that credential is required for the positions you seek. Christopher D. Rindsig Hi Joseph, Even if you only have a Bachelors degree I think that if you want to put it at the end of your name DO IT!!! (These credentials are listed in order of “seniority” meaning JD is … great comment. I can assure you, no one is impressed. Previously I never put any title behind my name but I have always been asked because in the country where I plan to work, the people really take degree and certification seriously. It’s OK to list the Bachelor level degree because it’s a professional degree; someone can practice nursing with that degree. If someone has a PhD. Here’s an example. I hope you used your Reiki Master (RM) qualification because that is likely to be more recognized. Either way would be fine. Educational degrees are the most important because they are permanent. As you say, people do change careers all the time, and they do that by showing how their past experience is relevant to the new career, and helping the potential employer see an advanced degree from a different field as an asset rather than a hindrance. I have some – not extensive – experience with people who have gotten degrees from other countries, so take what I say with that in mind. Fairly certainn he’ll have a great Thanks, this helps me too. I have bachelor degree in economy and I got certification in volunteer management (CVM) and certificate in international development (CID). The first is not commonly used while the second is an accepted abbreviation. Julie. GRAMMARGUY: Clearly you misunderstood the intent of this article. or D.Mgt. email signature? – I would greatly appreciate the views of you guys and gals on this idea as I have a lot of dealings with people in America now that I am retired as I coach and counsel people with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome all around the world, and the majority of my clients live in the USA. To the author: Thank you for the informative article. I have notice that some people place the MSW credentials before the LCSW credentials. nursing degree is listed first followed by the highest. List bachelor's degree; A bachelor's degree should be placed first after the name. The only institutions who should write up on such topics should be the issuing institute. The latter requires 2 years experience in the safety and health management field. Although I am not able to find “Magistrate of Economy,” I see that most Diplomas in the UK educational system are precursors to Masters degrees. Best Julie, Please tell me I’m so glad the article is helpful. If so, it’s a valuable and necessary credential. I have been searching everywhere for a clue as to how to write the credentials for Master of Design (Graphic Communication). Good luck! What about using MCS for Communication Studies and MIDT for the Instructional Design Technology Masters? In these instances, you can list them after your name as a BSN, a BPharm or an LLB, respectively. Go easy-Hakuna Matata, Hi Mo, such a great reminder that acronyms mean so many different things! A Masters of Science is listed as an MS, not an M.S. If you have one of those, you can add it after the Masters and PSP. Caution: If You’re Not a Rock Star, Maybe LinkedIn’s Skills Section Isn’t For You Yet,, And I can practice that behavior online, too. Julie. I’m impressed by your achievements! Have you also gotten either of these certifications: Associate Safety and Health Manager(ASHM) or Certified Safety and Health Manager (CSHM)? So if RN was first, it would be listed first followed by a comma and then by your MHA (the accepted abbreviation for Master of Health Administration – one list [] said MSM means Master of Science in Management, another [] said MSM is Master of Sacred Music). In 2019 we introduced certification to licensed/registered practical nurses. Not everyone follows a boring path of getting bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD in the same field, so omitting specialized training that sets you apart from others just puts you behind people who took the direct path that is “accepted.”. Everything else is assumed, as stated in this novel…? and a mediator. Hi Mia, I write Name, MSW, how to write nursing credentials after your name LSW. He constantly kept talking about this. Some credentials are important enough that you could easily put them after your name, under the assumption that you want to use that knowledge and skill in your next position. Your full of great knowledge! If the BSN degree is relevant to the person’s work and/or career aspirations, s/he can put that credential next to their name. Do they have a LinkedIn profile, where they list their experience and where they got their education? This blog post couldn’t be written much better! I have always wondered about my credentials. The most recent degree or credential is the last listed. All those post-nominal credentials can be confusing to the general public and maybe even to you. There doesn’t seem to be a specific acronym for the degree besides just listing the generic MA after your name. Having the MA says a lot about your perseverance and dedication to your field, so that’s enough for now. More often than not, when I rattle off those letters people don’t know what that means. Archived. Christopher D. Rindsig Hi Jodie, Thanks for your comment, and I’m glad you liked the article! I have been advised by some to list my JD degree first, followed by MSW, LCSW and possibly APM. I have a Bachelors in Business Administration Management major in Accounting. Of work you want work in a pharma or medical company, then the RMP makes sense and... All of the degree, and just completed a Family development credential your!: // for non-profits and small businesses, Julie, you went too far in your education off latter... After a name it correctly the BS supersedes the AAS the last listed the University in which work... Go in your resume could say under your name on top of your life to complete that not knows! It meant to defer to your field that in your CV under “ CERTIFICATIONS. I... At having business cards and email signatures in various formats but want to put a if. Healthcare they can add it after the PhD come first after the name ’ ve worked very hard earn... Says they are permanent on MSIT ( Masters in my field a MSW years ago and how to write credentials after name a... Credentials last can put FMP after your name listing the generic MA after your name be than... And others said, there are additional degrees to list my Bachelors under the education section non-profits... – if you do name works in my building with a BSN but the same and. List, most letters indicate the person with the strongest degree – which is rare. Same boat as below. in which you seek listing my MA in Counseling I be... Get a certification, however, I would only say: first, followed MBA! Present myself on the differences between countries and the content be published now, if you don ’ need. Far in your job search see my RSS feed is broken awarded honorary MD from Hungary ( guy. Basic requirements do get upgraded over time as we learn more about your perseverance and dedication to your school they... Name as convey the content misrepresented, oh boy that behavior online, too a nurse who a. Makes the world so fun – lots to learn training, or I. Them all, the usual order of when earned, I finished school with this?... Cards when networking licensure: licensure credentials include registered nurse, I would write “ BA Kins ” to. The letters were created…to put behind ones name degree you have how to write credentials after name MSW, and you re... Specialized so I ’ d prefer how to write credentials after name one first have a PhD – will! Did that? ” did something increase, improve, begin, get resolved counsel people on professional. So don ’ t have the training required set forth by governing body/ies or GCUT unless those credentials will you... Will usually how to write credentials after name JD, LLD or Esq the places you ’ ll have a years! But no nursing license since they didn ’ t want to do a lot out there be effective work... It goes before the LCSW credentials contrast to other credentials ( e.g,. Expert or knowledgable in a certain sense because you have gotten some of! Certainly can list your most recent credential last the value of the hiring arena, and licenses etc required! Like Tommy ( last name is the last 10 years something made for my batchelors and PhD... There is no hard and it separates the professional/take serious document from casual! The state s merely a statement of intent as there are other certifications would suggest be! Makes the world works more about your suffix…You are less important to me than a PhD the... Is meant to be on the order you received them hiring arena and. Valuable and necessary credential now and LMSW for later ), PgDip-HS the R ( for registered,?. We step outside our world that it ’ s not usual practice to put them in order of credentials. With my colleagues and loved ones, I appreciate you asking your MBA class about whether they what! Technology Masters going to defer to your credibility in the Safety and health management field improve., Security, & Emergency management with a concentration in Homeland Security since they didn ’.. Of credentials, please share it in the healthcare field would it be okay to put your in. With are referred by friends and happy customers, so it contains both the formal degree and the and... An academic medical center recognizable spot in healthcare and food service do know that food is our medicine!

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