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Storm Prep Tips Stay Connected Report an Outage . If extreme fire danger conditions threaten a portion of the electric system serving your community, it may be necessary for us to turn off electricity in the interest of public safety. distributedgeneration:"http://testweb.nyseg.com/dginternet/Logon.aspx", $(".sso").attr("href",weburls["sso"] ); PowerOutage.US is an ongoing project created to track, record, and aggregate power outages across the united states. viewbill:"http://testweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/ViewBill.aspx", Based on information from our customer reports and field personnel, we predict the outages listed below. If you suspect a natural gas leak or carbon monoxide go outside and call 800.572.1121 – available 24/7. account:"http://devweb.rge.com/cusweb/AccountDetail.aspx", NYSEG customers should call 1.800.572.1131to report downed power lines or other hazardous situations. Self service line (24 hours a day, every day). If it’s available, an estimated restoration time specific to your location will be displayed once you enter your phone or account number. 01:58. Search Outages allows you to search for a specific address by account number, phone number, or email address on file. $(".simplepay").attr("href",weburls["simplepay"] ); newwindenergy:"http://devweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/newwindenergy.aspx", $(".mtrread").attr("href",weburls["mtrread"] ); viewbill:"https://ebiz1.nyseg.com/cusweb/ViewBill.aspx", You can also call 800.572.1131 to report any electricity emergency. gasworksheet:"http://devweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/GasWorksheet.aspx", }); Some features on this website may not work in this browser version. createlogon:"http://ssodev.rge.com/SSO/CreateLogon.aspx", upgradeservice:"https://ebiz1.rge.com/cusweb/UpgradeService.aspx", Learn more about underground service conversions, Complete an Underground Service Conversion Investigation Request, Learn how we're making service more reliable. Contact neighbors to see if their power is off. Sign up for NYSEG Outage Alerts! custmeterread:"https://ebiz1.nyseg.com/cusweb/CustMeterRead.aspx" mtrread:"http://devweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/mtrread.aspx", Outages . onetimepay:"http://devweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/OneTimePay.aspx", UPDATE: Power has largely been restored in Chemung County after an outage was reported by NYSEG. kubra:"https://secure8.i-doxs.net/nyseg/OneTimeValidate.aspx", billing:"https://ecmp.cmpco.com/ecmp/showAccounts.do", outagenotification:"https://ecmppilot.cmpco.com/WebOutage", cuswebkubra:"http://devweb.rge.com/cusweb/Kubra.aspx", account:"https://ecmp.cmpco.com/ecmp", Phone Numbers (Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., excluding holidays) Customer service line (billing inquiries, turn-ons/turn-offs, energy choice)? autopay:"https://ecmppilot.cmpco.com/ecmp/Account/AutopayEnroll", NYSEG main customer service line: 1-800-572-1111 (Hours: Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., excluding holidays) Call this number for: billing concerns, service start/shut off requests, energy choice, to update your account information; Automated customer service line: 1-800-600-2275 (Available 24/7) Call this number for: making a payment over … You can choose how you want to receive them – by text message, email, phone, or all three! If you suspect a … upgradeservice:"https://ebiz1.nyseg.com/cusweb/UpgradeService.aspx", turnonservice:"https://ebiz1.nyseg.com/cusweb/TurnOnServiceMeterLocationInfo.aspx", nysegweburls['nyseg'] = { mtrread:"http://devweb.rge.com/cusweb/mtrread.aspx", createlogon:"http://ssodev.nyseg.com/SSO/CreateLogon.aspx", Check current status and outage map. Home; United States; NYSEG; New York; Is NYSEG Having an Outage in New York Right Now? If it’s available, an estimated restoration time specific to your location will be displayed once you enter your phone or account number. onetimepay:"http://testweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/OneTimePay.aspx", outagenotification:"https://ebiz1.rge.com/cusweb/outagenotification.aspx", account:"https://ecmppilot.cmpco.com/ecmp", }else{ kubra:"https://prep8.i-doxs.net/cmpco/OneTimeValidate.aspx", custmeterread:"http://devweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/CustMeterRead.aspx" Estimated restoration times may change as we work to restore power. Service Address . cuswebkubra:"https://ebiz1.nyseg.com/cusweb/Kubra.aspx", kubra:"https://prep8.i-doxs.net/nyseg/OneTimeValidate.aspx", $(".billing").attr("href",weburls["billing"] ); $(".payhist").attr("href",weburls["payhist"] ); Contact NYSEG customer service. NYSEG phone number for power outages: 1-800-572-1131 . 8 months ago. Keep a supply of non-perishable food and bottled water on hand. You can call NYSEG at (800) 572-1131 toll free number, write an email, fill out a contact form on their website www.nyseg.com, or write a letter to New York State Electric and Gas Corporation, 18 Link Drive, Binghamton, New York, 13904, United States. alert2:"http://testweb.rge.com/cusweb/Alert2.aspx", createlogon:"https://sso1.rge.com/SSO/CreateLogon.aspx", sso:"http://ssodev.rge.com/SSO/Logon.aspx", View and pay your current NYSEG bill online, check your account balance, schedule future payments or set up recurring payments directly from a checking or savings account. supplyprice:"https://ebiz1.rge.com/cusweb/opcosupplyprice.aspx", All rights reserved. createlogon:"http://ssotest.rge.com/SSO/CreateLogon.aspx", { forgotlogon:"http://ssotest.nyseg.com/SSO/ForgotLogon.aspx", }; distributedgeneration:"http://devweb.rge.com/dginternet/Logon.aspx", How to lodge a complaint regarding power outages. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. A loss of power may be the result of a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker. This page requires Javascript. Office Phone Number. $(".sso").attr("href",weburls["sso"] ); newwindenergy:"http://devweb.rge.com/cusweb/newwindenergy.aspx", $(".viewbill").attr("href",weburls["viewbill"] ); sso:"http://ssotest.rge.com/SSO/Logon.aspx", var cmpweburls = {}; You can quickly login with faceID, bills are readily accessible and load within a second. escoweb:"https://ebiz1.rge.com/escoweb/escoLogin.aspx", supplyprice:"http://testweb.rge.com/cusweb/opcosupplyprice.aspx", simplepay:"https://ecmp.cmpco.com/ecmp/Account/SimplePayEnroll" Contact neighbors to see if their power is off. Outages . accountupdate:"https://ebiz1.nyseg.com/cusweb/AccountUpdate.aspx", }); NYSEG Outages LP. Power Outage. For a natural gas emergency, please call 800.572.1121. if(sitehostname.indexOf("dev")>=0 || sitehostname.indexOf("int")>=0){ Report an outage or get an outage update. Storm Safety Stay Connected Report an Outage If your electricity is out, we encourage you to report an outage. The last 13 NYSEG customers in Cayuga County without power had their electricity service restored before 8:30 Thursday night as the utility finished cleanup and restoration work. supplyprice:"http://devweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/opcosupplyprice.aspx", When an outage happens, our service crews -- and employees who support them -- do their best to restore power as soon as possible. createlogon:"http://ssotest.nyseg.com/SSO/CreateLogon.aspx", Please remember: Stay away from downed power lines. mtrread:"https://ebiz1.nyseg.com/cusweb/mtrread.aspx", 7091234567) {{status.outageCheckErrorMessage}} No Accounts Found Check. energyuseesco:"http://testweb.rge.com/cusweb/energyuseesco.aspx", Our emergency service restoration plan aims to help our crews repair downed lines and restore power to customers within the shortest time possible. nysegweburls['nyseg'] = { While restoring everyone’s power is important, getting critical facilities back on line – places like hospitals and shelters – has to be a priority. Check current status and outage map. budgetbilling:"http://testweb.rge.com/cusweb/budgetBilling.aspx", sso:"http://ssodev.nyseg.com/SSO/Logon.aspx", The Vestal office cannot be reached directly by phone. }; Then call us immediately at 800.743.1702 or 911 from a safe location. ERIE.GOV | Your information resource from the government of Erie County, New York newservice:"http://testweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/NewService.aspx", Updated: 10-9-19 kubra:"https://prep8.i-doxs.net/rge/OneTimeValidate.aspx", account:"https://ebiz1.nyseg.com/cusweb/AccountDetail.aspx", Login; Business Associates (Vendors) Customer; Menu ; Toll Free No - 19124 / 1800-208-9124; Hindi; Search; CORPORATE. Report Or View Outage. In addition to the power being out the frontier phone lines and AT&T Cell phone service is also currently out. Reports Dynamics 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 09 PM Mon 16 03 AM 06 AM 09 AM 12 PM 03 PM 06 PM Mahopac If you suspect a natural gas leak or carbon monoxide go outside and call 800.572.1121 – available 24/7. nyseg customer service: nyseg power outages: national grid: nyseg power outages new york: spectrum bill pay: nyseg phone number: erie county water authority: 6 results. custmeterread:"http://testweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/CustMeterRead.aspx" cuswebkubra:"https://ebiz1.rge.com/cusweb/Kubra.aspx", Click on county name to view outages by municipality/township in the county. Ahora la información que necesitas sobre tu servicio eléctrico está disponible en español en FPL.com. createlogon:"https://sso1.nyseg.com/SSO/CreateLogon.aspx", Do you have a tree that's growing too close to power lines? supplyprice:"http://testweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/opcosupplyprice.aspx", This app makes managing my NYSEG account a breeze! forgotlogon:"http://ssodev.rge.com/SSO/ForgotLogon.aspx", enroll:"https://ecmp.cmpco.com/ecmp/Profile/AddAccount", Is this the address … turnonservice:"http://testweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/TurnOnServiceMeterLocationInfo.aspx", autopay:"http://ecmpdev.cmpco.com/ecmp/Account/AutopayEnroll", sso:"http://ssotest.nyseg.com/SSO/Logon.aspx", That number was down to 563 in Cayuga County as of 9:53 a.m. Thursday, and by 8 p.m., it was just 13 according to NYSEG's website. Odell said she continues to meet with Aziz Uthman, Public Liaison Officer for NYSEG, Brewster... Avangrid, Inc. (AGR) Q1 2019 Earnings Call Transcript Motley … Cuomo vs. NYSEG: "We expect better service" WKBW - Buffalo Scripps via Yahoo News $(".outagenotification").attr("href",weburls["outagenotification"] ); FPL.com is optimized for the following browsers and mobile operating systems: IE 9+, Firefox 31+, Chrome 37+, Safari 6.1+, Apple iOS 7+ and Android 4+. How to obtain outage information for a location: If your service is out and not listed above, please notify us. account:"http://testweb.rge.com/cusweb/AccountDetail.aspx", If you have a natural gas emergency, exit the building then call us at 800.572.1121 a safe location. How to lodge a complaint regarding power outages. accountupdate:"http://devweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/AccountUpdate.aspx", account:"http://testweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/AccountDetail.aspx", Outage Map Click … simplepay:"https://ecmppilot.cmpco.com/ecmp/Account/SimplePayEnroll" var weburls = {}; Once at the street/road level, an estimated restoration time will be displayed. United States of America. 4425 Old Vestal Road Vestal, NY 13850. if(sitehostname.indexOf("dev")>=0 || sitehostname.indexOf("int")>=0){ energyuseesco:"http://testweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/energyuseesco.aspx", $(".newservice").attr("href",weburls["newservice"] ); rgeweburls['rge'] = { You can visit your local NYSEG office to answer questions and resolve issues related to billing, electricity or natural gas service, and more. $(".turnoffservice").attr("href",weburls["turnoffservice"] ); NYSEG customers should call 800.572.1131 and RG&E customers should call 800.743.1701 to report downed power lines or other hazardous situations. 10 Digits required (ex. As of 3:33 p.m., the number of power outages in the area was under 100. Contact neighbors to see if their power is off. }else if(sitehostname.indexOf("cmp")>=0){ Javascript is disabled in this browser. kubra:"https://prep8.i-doxs.net/nyseg/OneTimeValidate.aspx", if(sitehostname.indexOf("dev")>=0 || sitehostname.indexOf("int")>=0){ $(".onetimepay").attr("href",weburls["onetimepay"] ); Please enter at least one of the following: Account Number. You can also view our Outage List or Outage Map for current outage and restoration information. Is NYSEG Having an Outage in Mahopac, Putnam County, New York Right Now? weburls=rgeweburls['rge']; custmeterread:"http://devweb.rge.com/cusweb/CustMeterRead.aspx" $(".kubra").attr("href",weburls["kubra"] ); enroll:"https://ecmppilot.cmpco.com/ecmp/Profile/AddAccount", $(".enroll").attr("href",weburls["enroll"] ); We apologize for the inconvenience. Contact Customer Service at NYSEG. If you do not want to see this message again, click continue. autopay:"http://testweb.rge.com/cusweb/Autopay.aspx", sso:"https://sso1.nyseg.com/SSO/Logon.aspx", energyuseesco:"https://ebiz1.rge.com/cusweb/energyuseesco.aspx", custmeterread:"https://ebiz1.rge.com/cusweb/CustMeterRead.aspx" outagenotification:"http://ecmpdev.cmpco.com/WebOutage", REPORT OUTAGE $(".turnonservice").attr("href",weburls["turnonservice"] ); Post yours and see other's reports and complaints. Find energy efficiency tips and programs to help you save money. Postal Service location. autopay:"https://ebiz1.nyseg.com/cusweb/Autopay.aspx", turnoffservice:"https://ebiz1.rge.com/cusweb/TurnOffService.aspx", newservice:"https://ebiz1.rge.com/cusweb/NewService.aspx", You can contact the customer service representative of NYSEG calling NYSEG's helpline phone numbers. NYSEG phone number for natural gas emergencies: 1-800-572-1121 newwindenergy:"http://testweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/newwindenergy.aspx", LOWER YOUR BILL; How it Works; FAQ; BLOG; ABOUT; LOGIN . billing:"http://devweb.rge.com/cusweb/Billing.aspx", Check current status and outage map. Cuomo vs. NYSEG: "We expect better service" WKBW - Buffalo Scripps via Yahoo News First call NYSEG and report outage so they have it on record. escoweb:"https://ebiz1.nyseg.com/escoweb/escoLogin.aspx", View or report outages Public Safety Power Shutoff notifications. $(".gasworksheet").attr("href",weburls["gasworksheet"] ); weburls=nysegweburls['nyseg']; autopay:"http://devweb.rge.com/cusweb/Autopay.aspx", var nysegweburls = {}; Report a power outage ; View Power Tracker outage map Companies. Live. outagenotification:"https://ebiz1.nyseg.com/cusweb/outagenotification.aspx", $(".supplyprice").attr("href",weburls["supplyprice"] ); Must be numbers only Account number not found--Or--Email Address. Afton-Dec 20; Howes Cave; Power out; Dec 17; Power out; Nov 23; Lancaster-Nov 16; The Bronx; Power out; Nov 16; Power out; Nov 15; Discussion. turnoffservice:"http://testweb.rge.com/cusweb/TurnOffService.aspx", payhist:"http://testweb.rge.com/cusweb/PayHist.aspx", Trending. payhist:"http://devweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/PayHist.aspx", if(sitehostname.indexOf("nyseg")>=0 || sitehostname.indexOf("rge")>=0){ kubra:"https://secure8.i-doxs.net/rge/OneTimeValidate.aspx", Reports Dynamics 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 03 AM 06 AM 09 AM 12 PM 03 PM 06 PM 09 PM Mon 21 Buffalo Reports Dynamics. rgeweburls['rge'] = { Log in to your online NYSEG account to sign up! cmpweburls['cmp'] = { Companies. kubra:"https://prep8.i-doxs.net/rge/OneTimeValidate.aspx", NYSEG customers should call 1.800.572.1131 to report downed power lines or other hazardous situations. $(".outagenotification").attr("href",weburls["outagenotification"] ); Outage Alerts; Outage News; Be Prepared. During major storm events, view Twitter and our news releases for additional electricity outage information and to obtain storm preparation and safety tips or generator safety information. This news is in addition to the two feet of snow last night in Hornell area. payhist:"http://testweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/PayHist.aspx", viewbill:"https://ebiz1.rge.com/cusweb/ViewBill.aspx", For the best experience, we recommend that you upgrade your browser. nyseg customer service: nyseg power outages: national grid: nyseg power outages new york: spectrum bill pay: nyseg phone number: erie county water authority: 5 results. gasworksheet:"https://ebiz1.rge.com/cusweb/GasWorksheet.aspx", Downed power lines always should be considered live and dangerous. }else if(sitehostname.indexOf("qat")>=0 || sitehostname.indexOf("testweb")>=0 || sitehostname.indexOf("prep8")>=0 || sitehostname.indexOf("ssotest")>=0){ Also, stay out of flooded basements. supplyprice:"https://ebiz1.nyseg.com/cusweb/opcosupplyprice.aspx", See if NYSEG is having an outage in New York or it's just you. Always stay away from downed power lines. Gov. Important information about NYSEG. Also don't post any of your personal information. See if NYSEG is having an outage in New York or it's just you. … Learn about common causes of power disturbances. 4425 Old Vestal Road Vestal, NY 13850. Outage Alerts; Outage News; Be Prepared. Then call us immediately at 800.572.1121 or 911 from a safe location. alert2:"http://devweb.rge.com/cusweb/Alert2.aspx", }; cmpweburls['cmp'] = { Toll-Free Number: (800) 572-1111 ; Accounting/ Billing: (888) 315-1755 Payment Arrangements; Claims: (866) 577-3787 ext 3 ; Complaints/ Feedback: (800) 342-3377 Public Service Commission; Customer Service: (800) 600-2275 Self Service Line (800) 572-1111 ; Emergency/ Hotline: (800) 572-1131 … $(".kubra").attr("href",weburls["kubra"] ); We recommend keeping mobile devices fully charged; also have flashlights and extra batteries at home so that you are prepared in the event of an outage. custmeterread:"http://testweb.rge.com/cusweb/CustMeterRead.aspx" mtrread:"http://testweb.rge.com/cusweb/mtrread.aspx", turnoffservice:"http://testweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/TurnOffService.aspx", If you use the "back" button on your browser, you may be viewing outdated information. forgotpassword:"https://sso1.nyseg.com/SSO/ForgotPassword.aspx", Request the removal of debris from your area as a result of our work. 11 digits. $(".billing").attr("href",weburls["billing"] ); budgetbilling:"https://ebiz1.rge.com/cusweb/budgetBilling.aspx", Energy Supply Companies (ESCOs)/Producers. $(".account").attr("href",weburls["account"] ); During a Power Interruption. $(document).ready(function() { account:"http://ecmpdev.cmpco.com/ecmp", $(".budgetbilling").attr("href",weburls["budgetbilling"] ); If you have a cell phone, make sure the battery is fully charged. More information is available at ... COVID-19 UPDATE: SCE.COM REPORT AN OUTAGE PHONE NUMBER REQUIRED. account:"https://ebiz1.rge.com/cusweb/AccountDetail.aspx", List of Electricity Outages Electricity Power Outages. turnoffservice:"http://devweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/TurnOffService.aspx", During a power interruption Contact neighbors to see if their power is off. We're here for you. Report Electric Outage; Report Streetlight Outage; View Outage List; View Outage Map ; Stay Informed. sso:"https://sso1.rge.com/SSO/Logon.aspx", The Vestal office cannot be reached directly by phone. forgotlogon:"https://sso1.nyseg.com/SSO/ForgotLogon.aspx", cuswebkubra:"http://testweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/Kubra.aspx", }else{ Outage.Report. autopay:"http://devweb.nyseg.com/cusweb/Autopay.aspx", Report Or View Outage. accountupdate:"http://testweb.rge.com/cusweb/AccountUpdate.aspx", escoweb:"http://testweb.rge.com/escoweb/escoLogin.aspx", forgotpassword:"http://ssodev.nyseg.com/SSO/ForgotPassword.aspx", JAMES NEISS; editor's pick. forgotlogon:"http://ssotest.rge.com/SSO/ForgotLogon.aspx", Top Searches Holiday Gifts. Quickly get a hold of the right department at NYSEG using the contact information below. Report concerns regarding a leaning pole that you believe may affect your electrical service. Convert your residential service drop from overhead to underground service. You can report a power outage by calling 800.572.1131 or visiting Outage Central. $(".accountupdate").attr("href",weburls["accountupdate"] );

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